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Do what you do well already, but in public: thoughts on academic communication and knowledge exchange

Not the public engagement that you SHOULD do, rather what you CAN do without much added effort.

I (mostly) work for free: academic reality

Dear students: academics work for free. A lot. More than anyone tells you.

How not to talk about the future: mid-stage early career researcher here

As some of you know I am on a 3 year post doc. I am one month into year 3….

PhD fieldwork advice? Give up when things are bad and mess around

I have just participated in a workshop entitled Doing Fieldwork in Latin America at the University of Glasgow. I was…

High Crimes: Studying the Illicit Antiquities Trade in the Bolivian Andes (Day of Archaeology)

Yesterday I participated in the Day of Archaeology. I and several hundred others like me wrote about what our life…

“Plunder to Preservation” from the Oxford University Press (with chapter by me!)

From Plunder to Preservation Britain and the Heritage of Empire, c.1800-1940, Edited by Astrid Swenson and Peter Mandler, ”takes a novel…

Update: Location, Research and Ideas

Although I don’t particularly like this blog to swing into the personal, I have been told by a person wiser…