Who is behind this blog?

Me! Dr. Donna Yates. See the bio section. Note that this site and anything posted on it is from me and me alone: this site in no way reflects the opinions and positions of my project, my funders, or my employers.

¿Hablas español?


Are you accepting students?

The Trafficking Culture Project accepts postgraduate students. We offer PhDs in Criminology and Sociology. I also supervise Masters students in the University of Glasgow’s criminology department where we run a module called International trafficking in cultural objects: evidence, theory and policy. Prospective students, please send up an email telling us about yourself and your interests.

I’m a reporter and I have some questions, can you help?

Maybe. Even probably. Send me an email and let me know what you are looking for and I will see if I am the right person to speak to or if I can point you in the right direction.

Are you available for guest lectures/seminars on this topic? Training workshops?

Likely. Depending on availability, circumstances, and specifics of course.

Do you consult?

Possibly. It depends on what you mean (see below). Best email me and tell me what you are looking for.

Can I guest post on your blog?

If you are a legit researcher and have something interesting to say, drop me an email and we will see. If you want to advertise something, even a good something, no.

Will you promote x on your blog?

No. Well, yes if it is a job posting, a call for papers, or a conference announcement that I think is topical. Not really anything else though.

Will you review this book or other thing on your blog?

Maybe. You can send it to me and I might. I’ll be honest though.

Why don’t you have comments enabled?

Because no one comments other than spambots. Also I think comments bring out the worst in people. I you have something to tell me, you can email me or say hello on twitter.

Where exactly are you from?

Don’t let the red hair and Glasgow address fool you: I am a USA-en. Columbus, Georgia is your answer. I’m a peach. However I’ve lived in Boston and Cambridge (UK) for extended periods of time with longer stints in New Zealand, Ecuador, Bolivia, Belize, and Guatemala.

Don’t you have another blog?

I do: Anonymous Swiss Collector. It is about antiquities trafficking and art crime and I update it a lot more than this one, at least right now.