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300 photos of Kathmandu and Bhaktapur pre-earthquake (Dec 2014)

(Cross post from Stolen Gods) Like most people, I was devastated to hear about the earthquake in Nepal, a sight…

Do what you do well already, but in public: thoughts on academic communication and knowledge exchange

Not the public engagement that you SHOULD do, rather what you CAN do without much added effort.

I (mostly) work for free: academic reality

Dear students: academics work for free. A lot. More than anyone tells you.

Nepal: Where Everest is King (of the currency)

Up until 2007 the Nepalese rupee featured a portrait of the King of Nepal. This is in keeping with other…

How not to talk about the future: mid-stage early career researcher here

As some of you know I am on a 3 year post doc. I am one month into year 3….

Day 8: Blue Creek

Absolutely all of the concern is gone. I almost can’t believe that I nearly left. It seems so silly now….

Day 7: Doubt

I woke up this morning in paradise with a headache, feeling out of sorts. Up at 6 in the tent…

Day 5: Hummingbird Highway

Night falls fast in the tropics: obviously. I’m typing by the light of my screen at mile 29 of the…

Day 3: Stone Woman Revisited

Day 3: Stone Woman Revisited A certain shape of the days ahead is growing in my mind. That shape, at…

Day 2: The Zoo

Poor sleep: no malaria dreams, but a dog whose sole purpose on earth, it thought, was to bark all night….

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